Contrary to popular belief, your auto insurance company doesn't want to deny your valid auto insurance claim. However, auto insurers have needed to set rules to protect themselves from false claims and keep auto insurance premiums from going up for all drivers. Because of this, there are steps that you need to strictly follow to get reimbursed for an auto accident. Here are the mistakes that you need to avoid.

Not Calling the Police

A police report is the only way to get an official record of your accident, a neutrally confirmed list of witnesses who were on the scene, and a law enforcement determination of whether any traffic laws were broken by the driver who caused the accident. A police report will therefore almost always be required when making a car insurance claim.

Notifying the police is required by law. Failing to do so could lead to you being fined or even arrested.

Additionally, it's a good safety step to call the police before you even get out of your car. You never know who the other driver is and whether they might be dangerous.

Waiting to Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company needs to know about the accident as soon as possible. Preferably, call them right after you've called the police and made sure no one involved in the accident is in immediate danger.

For a serious accident, this will give them a chance to send out a claims adjuster to take pictures before the accident scene is cleared. This will provide good evidence in court if you later need to go to trial.

The other reason to call immediately is your insurance company sets a deadline for filing a claim to avoid scams. They don't want someone backing into a pole and trying to say someone hit them a month ago.

Lying on Your Insurance Application

When you fill out your insurance application, there will be numerous questions where one answer lowers your premium and one answer raises it. Answer each question honestly.

If after an accident, your insurance company finds that your driving record wasn't as good as you said it was or your car didn't have a safety feature you said it did, your entire claim for the accident may be denied.

To learn more about how to make sure you protect your right to make an auto insurance claim, contact a local auto insurance broker today.